I’m on sabbatical this spring — one of the many rewards of tenure (others of which include increased university service!) — which means no teaching or advising. Of course I’ll miss teaching, but I do really need this time to finish the book — the one I’ve been “researching” for well over a decade, and have written up in little bits and pieces for various conference presentations and articles.

What else? I’ll also be succeeding Nick Mirzoeff as editor of The New Everyday, the MediaCommons venue for longer-than-a-blog-post/shorter-than-an-article, multimedia publishing. What’s my vision? Let me think about that.

I’m also giving some talks, attending some conferences, and hanging around places:

  • In February I’ll be visiting Tom Augst and Rita Raley’s “Humanist Enterprises: Institutions, Practices, Media” class in the English department at NYU
  • In early March, at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Chicago, I’ll be talking about sonic urban archaeology as part of a media archaeology panel with Laine Nooney from Stony Brook, Jacob Gaboury from NYU, and the oft-mentioned-here Rory Solomon.
  • Later that month, I’m excited to be giving two talks at Cornell — one, on something media archaeological, in Mary Woods and Oya Rieger’s “Along the Edge of the Physical and Virtual” class in the Department of Architecture; and the other, probably on either pedagogy or libraries (or both), in the university library’s “Conversations in DH” series
  • On April 5th, I’ll be taking part in the Bard Graduate Center’s Digital/Pedagogy/Material/Archives conference.
  • Then in mid-May I head to Finland, where I’m honored to be giving one of four keynote addresses at the Spectacular/Ordinary/Contested Media City conference.
  • There might be another conference in June, in the UK, but I’m not sure about that one yet.
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