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On my calendar for the spring semester:

Saturday, February 11, 10:30am-12pm: Being the Media: Designing a Rrradical New Media (Paper Tiger Television’s 30th anniversary): I’ll be speaking about materiality and radical media during the Media Intensive on Saturday morning.

Tuesday, February 14, 12-2pm: City Workshop Series: I’ll be presenting “Radio City: Space, Sound and the City” at The New School — 80 5th Ave, Room 802.

Wednesday, March 21, 12-1:45pm: Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Boston: I’ll be participating in the “Teaching the City: Pedagogical Issues in Urban Cinema and Media Studies” workshop with Amy Corbin from Muhlenberg College, Sabine Haenni from Cornell, Brendan Kredell from University of Calgary, Paula Massood from Brooklyn College, and Mary Woods from Cornell.

Thursday, March 22, 11am-12:45pm: Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Boston: I’ll be presenting “Deep Time of Media Infrastructure” on the “Signal Traffic” panel with Lisa Parks from UCSB, Nicole Starosielski from Miami University, and Jonathan Sterne from McGill — all amazing!

Friday, April 20 – Saturday, April 21: Network Archaeology Conference at Miami University: I’ll be presenting Digging Through Archives and Dirt: Entangling Media Archaeology, Archaeology Proper, and Architectural History.” Jussi Parikka, Lisa Gitelman, Alan Liu, and Richard John will be there — as will two of my thesis students: Ben Mendelsohn and Rory Solomon. Yay!

All of June: Fellowship in Canada

All of July: Fellowship in South Korea

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