Delicious, we had a good run. Four years and two months ago we met, hit it off, and decided we’d be partners. Since then, we worked side-by-side nearly every day. I kept you well fed, you kept me organized. I sang your praises.

Then, late last year, you ran into a bit of bad luck. I stuck by you. But then you started hanging out with a different gang. They decided to make you more “mainstream” — to trick you out all “social media”-like. I never thought you were that type. I liked the original you — the dependable, conscientious, understated you. And when you showed up at school one day with a new avatar, a new Facebook-y-wannabe wardrobe, I was hurt. What about what we had? Didn’t it mean anything to you?

I waited for you to come to your senses. I’d occasionally see little glimmers of hope. You started bundling tags again. You brought back auto-complete. But I just couldn’t get over that makeover. I missed the old, minimalist, clean-cut you — and it pained me too much to look at the mess you’d become.

So, I’m leaving you, Delicious. In fact, I’ve already moved on. I’ve got a new bookmarking site — Pinboard. And it makes me happy. Very, very happy. It’s everything you once were, and more. Gorgeously clean and simple and reliable. Plus, it allows full-text search of all my bookmarked sites! You never did that for me.

We had a good run, Delicious. We’ve just grown apart. I wish you well. Enjoy your new friends.

ah -- it takes my breath away!

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