Upcoming Events: 2018

June 28: Keynote, “Twenty Eyes on a Scene,” Digital | Visual | Cultural, School of Geography, Oxford University

July: Visiting Faculty, School for Poetic Computation, “Code Societies” Summer Session, New York

August 31: “Digital Studies” Lecture Series, University of Kentucky

September 14: Keynote, “Histories – Theories – Archaeologies – Archives,” Carleton University, Canada

October 5: I’ll be delivering the Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecturer at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

November 3: Phyllis Lambert Seminar, University of Montreal

November 30: Keynote, TBD, Price Lab / Program in Environmental Humanities, University of Pennsylvania

January 2019: Exhibition Launch + Symposium at the new Helsinki Central Library

Spring 2019: “The Pulse of Global Passage: Listening to Logistics,” Department of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin