Upcoming Events: 2017-18

September 15, 2017: “Mapping’s Intelligent Agents” @ MIT, Cambridge, MA, as part of the Department of Architecture’s “Computing Landscapes” series

September 22-23: “Field Archives: Soil, Sediment, Ice, and Other Geological Media” @ Information + Humanities Conference, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA [my hometown – hooray!]

September 28, 2017: “Public Knowledge: Reimagining the Public Library” @ Gensler Studio 53, New York, with Anthony Harris, Nate Hill, Terry Kirchner, Lisa Rosenblum [rsvp]

October 1, 2017: On Panoramic Media @ the 26th Conference of the International Panorama Council, Queens Museum

October 13, 2017: “Poetic Computation: Reader” event @ Printed Matter, New York, with Taeyoon Choi, Molly Kleiman, HAWRAF

October 23, 2017: “All Your Data Are Belong to Us: DataBodies and the Quantified Human Condition” @ University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, as part of their “Control Societies” series

November 2-4, 2017: Two events [TBD] @ UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

November 9, 217: [TBD] @ University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design, Knoxville, TN

November 13, 2017: [TBD] @ Lucy Liu’s “Orthographies” studio, MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technologies, MIT, Cambridge, MA

December 15-21-ish: TBD in Helsinki

January 4-7, 2018: “Critical Infrastructure Studies” panel @ the Modern Language Association Conference, New York, with Matt Gold, Ti-Hui Hu, Alan Liu, Tara McPherson, James Smithies

January 23, 2018: [TBD] @ SVA Design Research Speaker Series, School of Visual Arts, New York

February 1-2, 2018: [TBD] @ University of Pittsburgh / Carnegie Mellon University

February 22, 2018: “Cabinet Logics: An Intellectual History of Media Furniture” @ Book History Colloquium, Columbia University, New York

March 14-18: maybe we’ll be at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Toronto? – unless our proposal’s rejected!

March 22, 2018 [?]: [TBD] @ Spatial Humanities Initiative, Rice University, Houston, TX

April 27-8, 2018: “Productive Sounds in Everyday Spaces: Sounds at Work in Science, Art and Industry, 1920 to Present” symposium @ Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin