Upcoming Events: 2017-18


November 18, 2017: “Collect and Control” @ Cybernetics conference, Prime Produce, New York, NY

December 15-21-ish: TBD in Helsinki

January 4-7, 2018: “Critical Infrastructure Studies” panel @ the Modern Language Association Conference, New York, with Matt Gold, Ti-Hui Hu, Alan Liu, Tara McPherson, James Smithies

January 23, 2018: “Ether / Ore: An Atlas of Urban Media” @ SVA Design Research Speaker Series, School of Visual Arts, New York

January 25, 2018: “Making of Mapping,” with David Rumsey and Jon Cristensen @ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as part of their Public Knowledge series

February 1-2, 2018: “Ether / Ore: An Atlas of Urban Media” and “Willful Transgressions: Transdisciplinary Teaching” @ University of Pittsburgh / Carnegie Mellon University

February 9-10, 2018: [TBD] @ “Ways of Knowing Cities” conference, Center for Spatial Research, Columbia University

February 22, 2018: “Cabinet Logics: An Intellectual History of Media Furniture” @ Book History Colloquium, Columbia University, New York

March 14-18: I’ll be in the “Historicizing Information in Media Studies” workshop (with Kate Eichhorn, Miriam Posner, Craig Robertson, Jonathan Sterne, and Haidee Wasson), and I’ll be responding to the “Media Maintenance” panel at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Toronto

March 29, 2018: “Map as Method and Medium” @ Spatial Humanities Initiative, Rice University, Houston, TX

April 6, 2018: “Map as Method and Medium” @ “Digital Distance” Symposium, Bard Graduate Center, New York

April 27-8, 2018: “Productive Sounds in Everyday Spaces: Sounds at Work in Science, Art and Industry, 1920 to Present” symposium @ Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

May 4: re:publica Keynote (I think?)

Mid-May: Something in Helsinki?