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the materiality of deletion

This project is about verifying and testing the hypothesis that a meaningful change is taking place in our relationship to the materiality of deletion.  Material presence of information never guaranteed the author control of the content, but the language of expressing and representing control over information is changing. My proposal is to foreground the various material [...]

e-reading behavior

This project is centered in the behavioral changes and impact in reading habits, practices, customs and social meanings of books as a consequence of the introduction of digital devices, especially e-readers as a new way of consuming books. Most of the available studies are centered in the devices itself and in the publishing industry strategies [...]

Magazines & Materiality

The topic I would like to work on for my exhibit is the digitization of fashion magazines. As these magazines are converted from print into websites or mobile applications, what changes are made to their form and content in order to suit a medium that lacks the materiality of paper? To which conventions of print [...]

Mapping our Worlds: An Interactive Exhibit

Mapping our Worlds will be an online exhibit exploring new ways of mapping subjective experiences. From soundmaps to photomaps, digital mapping has allowed users to link a location to any other type of media. Online media, once praised for their global reach, have become hyperlocal. How does access to all these location-based messages alter our [...]

Like an Arrow – Timelines Online

Groucho Marx’s aphorism “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana,” brings to mind some of time’s perceived attributes; its singular directionality, the speed with which it passes. But what is time “like” on a website? In particular how do online exhibitions achieve the concretization of such an abstract concept? One common solution [...]


Do media determine our situation? By posing Friedrich Kittler’s (in)famous opening sentence to Gramopone, Film, Typewriter in the form of a question I hope to interrogate top-down media histories and theories.  The compact audio cassette has stubbornly refused obsolescence across the “epochs” of vinyl LP, compact disc, and mp3.  My inquiry into cassette culture will [...]


The working title for my proposed online exhibition is “Technotexts”, taken from N. Katherine Hayles 2002 book Writing Machines. The exhibit takes as its point of departure her claim that “the physical form of the literary artifact always affects what the words (and other semiotic components) mean” and will critically examine the validity of this [...]

Birds on a Wire: Twitter and the Telegram

1) What historical, geographical, economic and social threads connect the telegram to the tweet? Did Twitter change communication, or just remind us it’s all been done before? 2) Twitter has been praised as a revolution in communication, but technologists and pundits — certainly the media being so taken by Twitter accounts for much of its [...]

Your Dossiers + Draft Exhibitions – Due 11/16

Please note that I’ve made some small revisions to the assignment description for your Individual Research Dossiers so that this assignment need not be regarded as an additional burden. These changes reflect the fact you all have likely adopted a wide variety of formats and systems for collecting and organizing your exhibition materials. Rather than [...]

David Rumsey Maps

Second Life offers a forum for exhibition unlike any other that we have looked at yet this semester. The program offers virtual exhibition space at low cost for anyone to use. The spaces can mimic the feel of a “real-world” gallery space, but also allow much flexibility in designing the architecture and the interactional elements [...]